Hunting Rifle: CZ 527 FS (Full Stock) "Stutzen" bolt-action .223 with Leupold VX3 Scope

REDUCED $1255 Total by Michael in Wiesbaden, Dec 07
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BUYER MUST POSSESS A VALID GERMAN HUNTING LICENSE. In new condition, this CZ 527 is the classic full-stock, walnut bolt action rifle that combines function and beauty in an excellent all-round hunting and shooting firearm. I bought it when i was waiting for another rifle to arrive and i haven't shot this one in more than a year. It comes out of the waffenschrank to be cleaned and oiled. When used at a couple of ehrenschreib shooting matches, it always took the prize in accuracy. At 100 meters, it's unmatched. And it comes with a Leupold 3.5-10 x 40mm VX3 scope (Leupold is famous for its Lifetime warranty's which are transferable to successive owners). .223 is a perfect, long-distance caliber for Reh and other plentiful game (some reviers permit the caliber for wildboar frishlinge and uberleufer). Priced separately, the rifle sells for 1100 Euros (Frankonia sells the 5 round magazine for 39 Euros). The scope is $469, and the mounting was performed by a buchsenmeister near Darmstadt. I'm asking $1320 for the entire package and i'll include some .223 ammo. BUYER MUST POSSESS A VALID GERMAN HUNTING LICENSE. Photos available on Wiesbaden BooKoo. Additional Photos available upon request.

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