WANTED: Belly Dancing Instruction

$you tell me by l.s.gillis173 in Ramstein, Feb 12
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I’m not having any luck finding belly dancing classes close enough to me. So, based on a suggestion by a brilliant friend, I’m going rogue and seeking independent teachers here on Bookoo.

About me: I very much PREFER the freedom and expression of Turkish belly dancing (and the music that goes with it) but I will study Egyptian belly dance, as well. I am not a good dancer. It’s not natural to me but I looooooovvvvvveeee it. I’m going to suck at it and you might get frustrated. Just remember, I’m going to pay you.

About you: You are a woman. You May or May not be a dance teacher, but you love to dance and know things about belly dancing I probably don’t know. Maybe you grew up around belly dance or you studied it intensely for a bit. You are patient with bad dancers (see above paragraph).

If you are interested in teaching me, send me a message!!! Danke!

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